The word workshop has more than one meaning.  It can be a place where physical work is done, like building furniture.  It might be a seminar that you attend either in person or online in order to learn some new subject or improve your skills in a subject you already know something about.  Often questions are asked by attendees and information exchanged between them, the leader or instructor may very well learn some new way of looking at things from the attendees.

Here we will be starting with the seminar idea, but will later offer in person workshops where you can be “hands on”, you can use our computers and tools as appropriate to your desires, skills, and training.  Attendees to this Workshop should chose one or more topics that they are interested in, you are not required to learn about things that are not interesting.

MANY technological things came from the USA when things were going well.  Many terms, especially computer programming languages, are written with an American English background.  To truly follow the documentation, you must have a good grasp of English.  The strange terms can be learned as you go along, but if you don’t grasp American English, you will be at a disadvantage. 

ASK QUESTIONS!  The only stupid questions are when you ask the same one over and over and do not learn.  If you’re not sure you understand something, ASK!  All of us had to learn, making mistakes is normal.  If you’re not making mistakes, you are not trying hard enough.

There will be required discussion before we can actually build anything, but then students will be able to start making simple things to see how real things follow (and sometimes don’t follow) theory.

The Workshop is sponsored by Pyramid Hope.

Presenters are Jerry Durand and Sharon Hurtley-Durand. More information about them can be found here Your Teachers