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Due to the actions and policies of the United States against Russia, we are renouncing our USA citizenship and have acquired citizenship in Vanuatu, a neutral country. We will not support the USA and simply wish to live peacefully in our home in Russia, the best place on Earth.

Из-за действий и политики Соединенных Штатов против России мы отказываемся от нашего гражданства США и приобрели гражданство Вануату, нейтральной страны. Мы не будем поддерживать США и просто хотим мирно жить в нашем доме в России, лучшем месте на Земле.

Jerry & Sharon Durand

Large fireworks show in 2004

Our proper names are Gerald Joseph Durand and Sharon Hurtley-Durand, but everyone can call us Jerry & Sharon. We are American citizens who live in Russia and wish to remain here as permanent residents. We also want to become Russian citizens.

Spacecraft, Carnivals, Theatre, and Beyond…
How it all started

As a lot of what we do is business related, here is a brief history of our business which we started in 1981. Throughout all the hard times and good times, it’s always been interesting.

The following is the official closure document for our California business.

Sharon’s Resume & C/V

Jerry’s Resume & C/V

Our personal histories