First batch of Pyramids

Production 3D printing of the Pyramids.

The pyramids will be printed at the rate of 9 per day.  To print 9 of the red bases takes 12 hours.  To print 9 of the blue middle parts is about 6 hours.  And to print 9 of the white tops is about 2 hours.  Then they all need to be glued together, packaged, and delivered to all club members.

Some 3D printers can hold more than one spool of plastic and automatically change colors, this one only holds one spool.  So, it is much easier to print 9 copies of one layer at a time and then to glue the layers together.  This is a typical production trade off, make something all at once or make parts of it and assemble it later.  The “correct” answer depends on each individual situation.

These have now been sent out to people all over the world.

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