Lathe Bench Welding Complete

I finished welding it, then I went over with a grinder to smooth out the welds that are on the outside surface and remove all the “welding berries”. These are small balls of melted steel that go flying while welding, they often stick to surfaces all around the weld. They can normally be knocked off by scraping a piece of steel across the area but some have to be ground off.

I then rounded off any sharp edges and washed it with dish soap and water. It’s now been rinsed and when dry will be painted with “blacksmith paint”.

After painting we will cut the wood and metal for the top and screw on the adjustable rubber feet. We don’t have enough wood for the lower two shelves so they will be added later.

We will then place this in the doorway of the shop and use the hoist to lift the lathe onto the table. We will then move the table into position and drill the holes to bolt the lathe down. The steel supports under the table will line up with the holes we drilled so they will be holding the lathe, not the wooden top.


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