Bringing the Lathe Bench In

Today we cut the sheet metal for the top of the lathe bench and then brought it into the shop. We need to buy more wood for the lower shelves.

Lift the bench with the hoist

Roll the hoist to the door and swing the bench inside.

Place wheels under center legs so we can move it easily

Unhook it from the hoist and roll into room

The bench is in position, now screw the adjustable feet on

Now we just have to lift and remove the wheels

Adjust the feet so it’s level

And that’s it for today, should have more tomorrow.

The milling machine needs to be moved a little to the left, it’s not quite in the right place. That will be done when we move everything to finish the floor and baseboards.


One response to “Bringing the Lathe Bench In”

  1. Jerry, I “ve never thought hoists are used at home. All members of my family were surprised (except Vladimir) when you instructed the roof guy how to hang it. Vladimir said it would be very easy for you ein future to carry heavy things from the
    porch or the back of your car. Now I see how it works! You didnt hurt your back to move your new machines or the heavy bench in the workshop.
    Dear students , I”m so happy for you that you have a chance to obtain useful knowledge and skills. I ,at the age of 65 , have been learning a lot from Jerry and Sharon .
    Thank you,my dear teachers!

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