Girls using tools

The ability to use a tool is mainly a learned skill like riding a bicycle. Girls and boys can equally learn, some will be better at it then others but that doesn’t stop people from riding even if they’re not the best.

There is a lady named Lucia who is a great example. Growing up she joined her grandfather in his workshop and learned how to use tools from him. He is now too old to use them so she asked if she could take over. He was delighted so she started by cleaning up the shop and then building a boat for him. He loves to fish and now has a boat built by his granddaughter.

Since then she’s been repairing old tools, building new ones, and even rewired the entire shop with new, safe wiring.

Join her on her adventures, her YouTube channel is:

Here’s the boat she built

I highly recommend her videos, she shows making mistakes and how to correct them. She also shows you can be a lady and work with tools and machines.


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