Category: Projects

  • Status

    Now that we’re back home we are going continue on this project. All the sample parts we ordered came in so all we have to do now is document the next stages. Jerry will now draw the schematic by hand in an abbreviated form. Sharon will then convert that into a computer schematic which has […]

  • Souvenirs

    We are following up on a suggestion to produce souvenirs in the theme of our town. We are looking into this now and will post updates when we know something. I’m going to call this Project 3.

  • Idea through production

    Project 2 will be a bit different, here we will take you through the entire process from a customer contacting us through to a finished product.

  • First batch of Pyramids

    Production 3D printing of the Pyramids. The pyramids will be printed at the rate of 9 per day.  To print 9 of the red bases takes 12 hours.  To print 9 of the blue middle parts is about 6 hours.  And to print 9 of the white tops is about 2 hours.  Then they all […]

  • Students try the CAD system

    This is their first time using a drawing tablet and a Computer Aided Design system.

  • Printing the Pyramid

  • Designing the Pyramid

    Not seen are updates to the pyramid design were made to include small bumps and holes to help in lining them up when they are glued together.

  • Recovered Video

    Recovered video, poor quality with missing parts.  I will redo this demonstration and post a new video soon

  • Mechanical CAD for 3D Printing

    The computer crashed during the lesson so I only have video from one camera.  I will make a video of just the CAD work in designing and then printing the pyramids. For now, here’s the first video from 5 December.

  • Our Office

    Here we are preparing to give the first lesson/demonstration in our office. The room has not yet been completed but it’s fine for now.