Now that we’re back home we are going continue on this project. All the sample parts we ordered came in so all we have to do now is document the next stages.

Jerry will now draw the schematic by hand in an abbreviated form. Sharon will then convert that into a computer schematic which has all electrical connections accounted for.

While entering parts into the computer schematic, Sharon will also create a library of the physical parts that will go on the PC board.

Sharon’s described the process in more detail here: PC-Board Design

Word definitions

Part: Individual components that are to be incorporated into the circuit. These are typically purchased as ready made and designed to be soldered to the PC Board

Schematic: A drawing that shows how every part is to be connected. Simple parts are often drawn with a symbol or picture that describes the function of that part. More complicated parts will generally be drawn as a rectangle with numbered connection points.

PC-Board: A flat panel, typically made of fiberglass coated with epoxy. This has copper tracks or traces on the surface that are used to conduct electricity from the connection of one part to the connection of another. A PC board may be small and simple, or very complicated with may layers of tracks stacked up with electrical insulation between each layer.

Soldering: There is a translation problem for some English words for Russian and Chinese speakers. This is one of those words. Soldering is the joining together of two metal pieces (typically copper) using another metal that melts at low temperatures. This is typically a tin based metal, ideally also containing lead but where regulations prohibit lead silver and copper are often used.

Brazing: Often translated to the same word as Soldering. This is the joining of two metal parts (often steel) using a copper based metal. It’s similar to solder only with a much higher melting point and the resulting connection is physically stronger. This is not used with PC boards.

Welding: Often translated to the same word as Soldering. This is the joining of two parts of any substance (metal, plastic, etc.) using the SAME substance to form the connection. For example, you might WELD two pieces of steel together by melting more steel into the joint. This is typically not used with PC Boards, but occasionally wires may be welded to connectors.

More later.

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