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  • Useful Skills

    A very useful skill for everyone is to learn how to be at least partially ambidextrous. This means being able to do tasks with either hand. I know, you’re saying “I can’t do things with my other hand”. First, don’t say “CAN’T”, that is telling yourself that you could never be able to do the […]

  • Shelves!

    We put some shelves in the workshop so we now have a place to start storing tools and supplies. Tomorrow we go back to working on the bandsaw table so we can get that up off the floor and on wheels.

  • Hoist in action

    Here’s the hoist being used to get two heavy boxes into the workshop. While these are heavy, the hoist can lift much heavier loads.

  • Band saw stand

    It’s time to stop kneeling on the floor to use the bandsaw, so I’ve started making the stand. Not done yet, can only work part of a day on it at a time due to other things that need to be done. This stand will have a flat top with a lip to catch the […]

  • Laser Engraving

    This week we’ll be having hands-on demonstrations of laser engraving. Students will learn how a laser engraver works and then will be able to make an item they can take home. Here’s a video of the type of machine we have. It’s only a small one, we purchased it for making labels for products. Have […]

  • Siberian Journey: IUP student overcomes obstacles in pursuit of doctorate

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